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The bionic ‘skin’ for all walls of your house that resolves any problems with humidity and / or insulation in an efficient, healthy and ecologically correct manner.

BionicPore Plaster offers you an all-in-one solution for dampproofing/waterproofing and restoration without the necessity of third-party products:

  • Natural and long term solution against wet walls
    • successfully dries wet and humid walls
    • suitable for all kinds of solid building materials ( cement, bricks )
    • long term effectiveness
    • automatic drying effect even if water is coming / penetrating again
    • low cost, long-term solution
    • restoring and maintaining the value of your home/building
  • Natural way for effective insulation
    • thermal insulation protects buildings against energy loss
    • acoustic insulation
  • Good for the room climate
    • creates a healthy room climate ( important for kids, adults and seniors )
    • reduces incidences of allergies / asthma

BionicPore Plaster can be used in many areas :

  • All EXISTING Objects
    • historical buildings ( churches, castles, country estates )
    • city homes or apartments
  • All NEW Objects
    • homes
    • apartments complexes