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The Advantage of BionicPore lies within its unique content of nanopores – just like the human skin – that creates a natural barrier against water infiltrations.

Key Advantages of BionicPore Plaster

  1. Bionic Restoration of wet walls
    • Due to its skin-like properties such as its ability to breath, it expels humidity from a damp or wet wall and keeps it dry for a very long time.
  2. Bionic Insulation for all facades
    • The nanopores of BionicPore Plaster will create a barrier against water whose drops are just too big to penetrate the human skin like layer of BionicPore.
  3. Bionic Room Climate
    • When all walls are treated with BionicPore Plaster a new and healthy room climate is created. The vital insulation reduces energy costs i.e. heating / airconditioning. The resulting healthy room atmosphere is important for all age groups from the newly-born to the elderly whether healthy or allergy plagued.

In this example, we can see the BionicPore advantage in action:

On the left we have the sample made with BionicPore Plaster whereas on the right we have a sample made with normal plaster. Both samples have been emerged into a basin of water to cover 1/3 their height.

After a few minutes already, we can observe that the normal sample is becoming totally saturated with the water. The BionicPore sample however, remains completely dry except for a maximum water penetration of 2mm below the waterline. We have kept this test setup for more than 1 year, always making sure that the water is kept at the same level. Even after 1 year, the BionicPore sample continued to remain completely dry with the above mentioned exception, whereas the normal sample remaind completely soaked. After breaking the sample and examining the inside, we observed that the BionicPore sample only had a very small layer (1-2 mm) of wetness under the waterline, but the core remained dry. The normal sample was completely soaked.